Our Services

Recovery Care Management

The goal of McKenna Recovery Associates is to provide professional guidance and support to clients and their families as they transition through the recovery process.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaches provide a personalized service to those in early recovery. They are committed members of the team who are knowledgeable about addiction and recovery resources.


An Intervention is carefully planned, structured meeting with the client, their family and friends.
It is a highly effective way to offer feedback with compassion without confrontation to help motivate the individual to accept care and help the family begin to heal.

Education and Training

Our field is changing rapidly, new drugs are flooding the market and research in neuroscience, mindfulness practices and digital care is exploding!

As an approved educational provider for NAADAC, McKenna Recovery Associates provides continuing education in the form of workshops, presentations and training in addictions, core topics in counselor education, pain management, mindfulness practices, psychopharmacology and co-occurring disorders.

Business Services

We are available to represent facilities and programs at conferences and trade shows. Services for recovery-based care providers include events, luncheons, business dinners, marketing and development assistance.

Let’s Walk the Path to Recovery

Contact McKenna Recovery Associates today to learn more about our individualized plans to help you and your loved ones take the first step towards recovery.